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    Your progress lives where your greatest fears lie.


    The things that terrify you, walk towards those.


    And the more you are doing,

    the more you build up confidence.


    The more you actually stand in the fire of your greatest fears, the more you actually find freedom.


    You need to start thinking and behaving, like a game changer.


    And that means, populating your mindset with the best books, with the best ideas, with the best conversations.


    Behaving the ways that the most people don’t behave.


    Again, you wanna have the result that few people have, you gonna start doing things, the very few people do.


    Turn off the television, delete the naysayers.


    Stop gossiping and start producing.


    You become a creator when you write down goals.


    And you get clear as absolutely when you make them happen.


    So, don’t start to ask how to do it, that is not the first step.


    First step is to get it down.


    As you leave the herd and crowd, and perhaps, the cult of mediocrity.


    And rise to being a game changer.


    It’s a very destructive act.


    And you actually threaten the masses of people around you.


    That is why the visionary was first ridiculed before they were revered.


    I am sure you gonna experience it. You say, I wanna take my fitness to a whole new level of a world-class.


    Or I wanna take my craft to a whole new level of world-class.


    Or maybe you are raising your gain financially.


    And then you share with those you love or your friends. And they laugh at you.


    How many times have we given up a dream because we are mocked up by the people around you?


    All I am suggesting to you is, when you are laughed at or ridiculed.


    Or people don’t understand your next level of world class.


    That just means you got a great dream.


    That just means you are on the path of growth.


    So be a game changer.


    Getting into the game, because when you get into the last hour of your last day.


    You will be the failures, regretting all those risks you didn’t take.


    The most common question that has been asking by the people from all walks of life, trying to pursue all types of things.


    The ideas have been sitting, hanging, and creeping, at the back

    corner of their mind.


    The most common question is:” Am I ready?”


    “Am I ready?” How do I know I am ready?

    “我准备好了吗?” 我怎么知道自己准备好了?

    How do I know it’s the right time?


    How do I know now it’s the time for me to make the jump, take the

    lead, to make the move?


    How do I know “If am I ready?”


    And every single time, no matter who ask me that question, no matter where we are, and I will give the exact same answer, : “No. No, you are not ready. No, you are not ready. No, you are not ready. No, you will never be ready.”


    Alright. You will never be ready for the work you gonna do.


    You will never be ready for the focus you should be committed to.


    You will never be ready for how much you gonna walk away from before you get to where you have to go.


    You will never be ready to lose more than you win.


    You will never be ready for all the people who doubt you, and hate on you, or leave you.


    You will never be ready for the sacrifice, the struggle and the suffering before you succeed.


    Stop asking yourself if you are ready, ‘cos you are not.


    And start asking yourself:” if you are



    Are you willing?


ni yuan yi ma?

    Are you willing to put on the work?


    Are you willing to live in the dirt?


    Are you willing to give up everything that once you thought they were important, to go after one thing that you truly love?


    Are you willing to be doubted?


    Are you willing to be chastised?


    Are you willing to have people walk away from you?


    Are you willing to leave the people that holds you back?


    Are you willing to live simple, and live, focused and free?


    Are you willing to take on every challenge that come to your way?


    Are you willing to box every obstacle, become face to face?


    Are you willing to pick yourself up when you are too tired to move?


    Are you willing to keep going no matter what kicks you?


    If you are willing, to take on whatever comes, to fight through whatever faces you.


    And go for it.




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